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How to Care for a Lost Pet

For animal lovers everywhere, it’s hard not to cuddle up with and keep a lost pet we find in the streets. After all, these pets need a home, and they need love. But if you ever come across a lost pet, take caution. Don’t touch it before looking for signs that it’s aggressive, such as bearing teeth and looking fearful. And before you take it home to keep, try your best to find the owner. Someone out there could be missing their own little Lassie and needs you to help.

lost dog

Care for the Lost

You might decide to care for a pet while trying to find its owner. Remember to take care of the basic needs like food and water. And approach the pet gently, since you’re a stranger.

dog chewing on belt

Homeward Bound

Keep pet tags and even a microchip on your pet should they ever run away and get lost. Tags and chips can help someone else identify your pet as yours and return them to you.